Have you ever been part of a color run before? There's one coming to Utica.

Get your friends together for this unique running experience: Get some exercise while getting splashed with color. The Color Vibe 5K Run is going on their 2017 "Good Vibes" Tour across the country, and it's making a stop in Utica.

The run happens on Saturday, August 5th at 9am at Proctor Park in Utica. But you don't want to wait to register for this event (the price continues to go up every few weeks, so the earlier you register, the cheaper it will be). Plus you don't want tickets to sell out before you get your chance to buy them.

Along with your registration, you'll get a "Classic Runners Kit" which includes a "Good Vibes Only" race shirt (in white of course, so you can see all the colors you get hit with), two Color Vibe tattoos, a color pack, your race bib, Color Vibe sunglasses, and a finishers medal.

To register and get pricing info (and the full details) visit: TheColorVibe.com/Utica

Still unsure how a "color run" actually works? Well, this video should fill you in on anything else you need to know:

And if you're not a runner, don't worry you can still watch all the color madness. You can also sign up to volunteer the event, or just stand on the sidelines and cheer on the runners. Maybe you want to get some color packs and help blast the runners with color? No matter what you end up doing, August 5th is sure to be an awesome day at Proctor Park in Utica.




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