This holiday season, you can adopt real letters to Santa written by underprivileged kids and send your gifts directly to these kids thanks to USPS.

Introducing Operation Santa. Every December since 1912, the USPS has permitted the public to read and adopt children’s letters to Santa. Today the USPS Operation Santa ® is making the letters available online nationally for the first time.

Volunteers across the nation are now able to read and adopt letters online, and print out letters they select, together with encoded address labels. To protect children’s privacy, USPS ® staff redact family names and addresses from every letter"

You can pick one letter, or a household of letters. You can shop by yourself, or as a team with co-workers and friends.

Gifts must be mailed by December 20th, in time for delivery by Christmas. If you'd like to participate, head over to the Operation Santa website for more info.

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