USA Today has been asking their readers to vote on the top 20 best pizza joints in New York State, but they've completely left out all of the Utica area's best.

This is a travesty. If you're going to make the list from across the entire state, how about you actually try some of the best pizza in the state.

There are so many amazing pizza places in our area that I can't even begin to list them all.

Here's USA Today's list:

1. Apizza Regionale - Syracuse

2. Denino's Pizzeria - New York City

3. Mama's Boy Pizza - Tannersville

4. Cold Spring Pizza - Cold Spring

5. Slices Pizza - Saugerties

6. Joe's Pizza - New York City

7. Juliana's Pizza - Brooklyn

8. L&B Spumoni Gardens - Brooklyn

9. Pizzeria Posto - Rhinebeck

10. Bleecker Street Pizza - New York City

11. Rubirosa Ristorante - New York City

12. Di Fara - Brooklyn

13. Prince St. Pizza - New York City

14. DeFazio's Pizza - Troy

15. La Florentina - Kingston

16. Champion Pizza - New York City

17. Roberta's - New York City

18. Emily - New York City

19. Numero 28 Pizzeria - New York City

20. Milkflower - Astoria

So yeah, at least half of the places on the list are in NYC or one of the 5 boroughs(Brooklyn), or just outside the city.

Even funnier is that a bunch of these are wood-fired pizza places. Please. CNY does wood-fired pizza better than anyone.

I may seem like I'm ranting, and I am. That's because I have had pizza in NYC, from a ton of places. I've had pizza from all over the state and the country.


So USA Today, maybe the next time you're about to shortchange a list, how about you remove your head from your hind-quarters and come to Utica.

You'll also find better Half Moons here too.


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