It's a Christmas miracle! An upstate New Yorker has dreamed of seeing a moose for over a decade and it finally happened.

Theresa Mitchell was born and raised in Tupper Lake, where moose are known to roam. But she hadn't been lucky enough to see one. "For the past 10 years, at least, I have wanted to see a moose and I almost always carry my camera with me just in case."

But one Saturday Mitchell wasn't carrying her camera. "We left my boyfriend's house in Saranac Lake and I realized I had forgotten it." Luckily her boyfriend, Sean Petty convinced Mitchell to turn around and get it. "I'm so thankful we did. We saw the moose 3 miles up the road."

The moose was roaming in the snow right off Route 30 in Saranac Lake. "I was so excited, I didn't know if I should grab my camera or my cell phone."

The moose stayed long enough for Mitchell to take pictures and video. "We watched him for about 15 minutes," she says. "Neither of us had seen a moose before so it was pretty exciting."

Photo Credit - Theresa Mitchell
Photo Credit - Theresa Mitchell

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