The dorms can be a scary place, where you're stuck in a new environment with a bunch of new people and a new roommate who may or may not have a clean background check.

There are certain rules that are spelled out loud and clear for you when you move in, like when quiet hours are and that underage drinking isn't allowed under any circumstances. But there's a lot that RAs don't tell you, and that's when Twitter comes in handy.

#UnwrittenDormRules was trending on Twitter this week and the responses were so good, I figured I'd compile a couple of the more useful ones right here. College freshmen can learn and everyone who was once a college freshmen can reminisce on the scary-yet-actually-kind-of-fun experience of living in a dorm room.

1. Wear flip flops.

It doesn't matter if your dorm hall has been around one year or 101 years. I can guarantee: you don't want to know what's on those floors. Please wear something on your feet at all times, especially in the showers.

2. Clean up after yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's your bed, the floor, the kitchen, or the bathroom. Clean up after yourself. This is especially important because you're sharing a tight space with another person. Give them the common courtesy and don't expect them to be your mom and clean up your messes because they won't.

3. Be nice to your roommate.

You DO have to live in very close quarters with them for a year, so the last thing you want to do is be the one who starts a tiff. Avoid putting a tape line down the middle of your room. Again, it should be an #UnwrittenDormRule to keep your stuff on your side of the room, so if that's not the case, have an adult conversation about it.

4. Don't be THAT guy/gal.

It's bound to happen. At least a few times throughout the school year, someone in your hall is going to set off the fire alarm while cooking popcorn. Don't let it be you.

5. If all else fails....

Almost all colleges have single dorms, so you can avoid the whole awkward roommate situation. But that certainly takes away the opportunity for some fun stories!

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