When did parents stop teaching their kids manners? That's the question a Rome mother has after an outing with her son left him with a black eye.

Lauren Boncella took her 11 month old son Cole to Billy Beez in Sangertown Square Mall. She says they were in the section for younger kids. "We were playing on the slide, and were shoved multiple times by children in the same group," says Boncella. "Their parents sat on the benches right inside the section and laughed."

Lauren Boncella
Lauren Boncella

After 20 minutes Boncella says she decided to leave when she noticed her son had a black eye. "The manager was amazing. After I explained the situation she gave us a full refund and recommend we come on a slower day, typically during the week."

"This is absolutely nothing against the establishment,," says Boncella. "I'm in shock with the way parents let their children run wild! A simple excuse me goes a long way."

Rude behavior falls on the parent. When my child was young I put the fear of God in her. Lucky for her, she's a fast learner. From an early age, she knew to say please, thank you and excuse me. Today she's a kind woman who thinks of others first.

Lucky for the parents at Billy Beez, I wasn't the one who's child was injured. I would have done more than complain to the manager. There may have been an adult argument in a child establishment. Teach your children to be decent human beings!

Have you ran into rude children in public?


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