While shopping at BJ's in Utica, maybe you discovered one of the newest products from Tyson- Pizza Chicken Nuggets.

According to Thrillist, these pizza chicken nuggets have been on the market since February of 2019. How haven't these gems made bigger headlines? Let's blame the pandemic on this one.

So what in the world are they made with?

They're made with real mozzarella and use Parmesan breading and a pepperoni seasoning. So these are technically pepperoni pizza-flavored chicken wings. Not just pizza-flavored chicken wings."

Tyson explains their logic creating such a food victory:

“We’ve been witness to the rise of chicken as a topping on pizzas at restaurants, and we know that with our chicken nugget consumers, frozen pizza is one of the fastest growing categories in the store,” says Tyson on The Feed Blog. “So, we asked the obvious: Can we combine two of America’s favorite foods, nuggets and pizza?”

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Would you consider trying them?

Let's have some real talk for a moment. Imagine being a parent to young children. You attempt to cook lunch or dinner, and your child wants chicken nuggets. You go through all the effort to heat up the oven, and cook them. Once the chicken nuggets are done, your child wants pizza now. Do you just serve the nuggets, or do you make the pizza?

These snacks are an absolute win for parents. Especially, parents that are in the car trying to feed their kids some snacks. Pizza and nuggets together sound like a million dollar idea.

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