No matter whether you call it Thanksgiving Eve or Blackout Wednesday, the day before Turkey Day is a big drinking holiday across the United States. People often head back to their hometowns and want to visit with high school and college friends, ending up at the local bar, cueing up the inevitable Thursday morning hangover.

This is a phenomenon in cities across America, but upstate New York goes harder than most. In a new study by Womply that measured bar traffic in metro areas, Rochester and Syracuse both ranked in the top 10 when it came to places with the busiest bars on Thanksgiving Eve. Rochester came in at #5 and Syracuse ranked #9, just behind #8 Chicago, which is known as the birthplace of Blackout Eve.

Next to those top-drinking cities, Los Angeles, Akron, Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, Oklahoma City, Chicago and Tucson also ranked in the top 10. Columbus, Minneapolis, Riverside, Houma, Las Vegas, Mobile, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Asheville and San Jose made up the bottom 10.

So if you're thinking about heading out to your local bar in Rochester or Syracuse this Wednesday instead of molding pie crusts or baking fudge, just know that you're part of this awesome statistic of people getting nice and prepped for a weekend of holiday absurdity. Hurray!

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