License and registration, please.

New York State Police stopped to help a driver whose vehicle was stranded on the side of the road. Turns out the little tyke just needed some fuel.

Trooper Whitney and Trooper Pulver from SP Hastings, Oswego County noticed a vehicle off the roadway. Turns out the driver ran out of gas.

Credit - NYSP via Facebook
Credit - NYSP via Facebook

Number of Violations

From the looks of things, the Troopers could have handed out a number of tickets. One for not wearing a seatbelt. It doesn't look like the little backseat passenger has one on either. Another for not having a front license plate. If he was on his Sesame Street phone, that's another violation. No talking and driving, little man. Or texting either for that matter.

Let's just hope he wasn't drinking and driving too. No word on whether or not the officers found an open milk bottle in the car but there are rumors of a warrant out for his arrest. He may be wanted in several other states.

Credit - NYSP via Facebook
Credit - NYSP via Facebook

On the Road Again

Rather than hand out tickets, the Troopers posed for a picture or two. They probably even helped refuel the car so the driver could be back on his way. Let's just hope he remembers the way home.

Branden Fullmer, the boy's father, is grateful the New York State Police were at the right place at the right time. "Thank you, Trooper Whitney and Trooper Pulver for helping my son. Hopefully, he remembers to put gas in his car next time."

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