What's a trend, TV show, or thing the world around you seems obsessed with but you just don't understand? 

There are several things in the world I'll never get. Here's a few of my list:

Game Of Thrones

I have ZERO desire to ever watch Game Of Thrones. I don't understand the obsession, or what draws people to this show. I just can't.



Lettuce is the food of the devil. It has no amazing quaity. You never hear someone "If I could eat my last meal, I'd pick a salad."


The Kardashians

I mean when the entire family climbs to fame because one of the daughters made a sex tape, how can you even bother watching? They are so full of drama and nonsense.


The Bing Bang Theory

Isn't this show suppose to be a comedy? Where is the comedy? THEN, CBS launched a spinoff with one of the characters.


What Would You Add To The List?

What trends can you not get behind?




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