Tracy Lawrence may have been out of the spotlight for a few years but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy.  He's working on a new album, looking at more movie scripts and looking forward to entertaining the crowd at Country Jam in Bouckville.

Lawrence's last hit on country radio was 'Find Out Who Your Friends Are,' which went to #1.  Since then, he's been working on new music.  'I'm in the process of building a new record label, we have been putting the finishing touches on a new album with a new single this fall and the album out sometime early next year.'

The new album may sound a little different than previous music Lawrence has released.  It'll have some edge to it but won't be the pop sounding country that Tracy's not a big fan of.  'I like it, but it's not what I came to town to do.  My job is to try make records that connect with the fans.  This next album you're going to see us going in an edgier direction. I won't call it pop but I consider myself on the forefront of a lot of this stuff.  Back in the 90's a lot of the stuff I was doing back then was considered really progressive and edgy. I'm just going back to what I do best. I'm just going to make music that hits people in the heart and hopefully connects with people.'

Music isn't the only thing Lawrence has been working on.  He's in a new movie 'LA Dirt' and is looking at other roles.  'I just shot my first starring role in my first movie 'LA Dirt' that should be out next year.  They just sent me a couple more scripts.  I'm looking at a Western and a Sci-Fi movie.  I'm just going to have fun with it and see what opportunities come my way.'

With years of hits on the radio and touring on the road Tracy has had some strange autograph requests.  Where's the strangest place someone asked him to sign? 'I can't tell you that on the radio.  There are no body parts that are off limits.  But that was a long time ago.  That was back in my young and wild days.'

Tracy Lawrence will hit the stage for Country Jam Saturday afternoon.

Tracy Lawrence Talks with Polly Wogg