Axe throwing has become quite the phenomenon over the past few years. We've seen it added locally at 12 North Sports Bar in Marcy, now another venue is looking to add the game.

According to the Utica OD, PiNZ in Sangertown Square Mall is looking to add ax throwing to their lineup. The venue already has bowling and an arcade, and they've created and drawn up plans to add three lanes of axe throwing.

CEO of PiNZ, David Breen, said a basic hand-drawn plan recently was shown to the New Hartford Codes Department to show what the company is looking to do. They are against the implementation of it.

New Hartford Town Supervisor Paul Miscione said the town was “totally” against the addition of ax throwing at PiNZ, citing children playing in the arcade and the presence of alcohol at the bar in the restaurant area. "I just don't think it's the right thing for Sangertown Square."

Breen of PiNZ says the plan for the ax throwing arena would have three bays and measure roughly 15-by-30 feet.

“We are in two other Pyramid, the parent company of Sangertown, locations currently, and the mall is 100% behind us on this proposal,” Breen said.

He also said that the company has rules and policies in place to address the concerns had by the town codes, including strict guidelines regarding age, safety and a limit on alcohol consumption among participants.

Other safety guidelines include having the arena closed off to all nonparticipants and having “ax-perts” in the arena at all times when someone is playing. They also will store axes in another area when the arena is not in use.

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Do you think it would be okay to have axe throwing at PiNZ, or do you think it's too dangerous for the mall? Breen said ax throwing is currently at every PiNZ location, except for New Hartford.

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