Today is Fat Tuesday, so we begin to reflect on our journey about to take place during lent. Many people give up a variety of things during the lent season. The Washington Post did a survey and found the top things people will give up for the 40 days. 

These were the top ten items that people TWEETED they were giving up,  and the amount of tweets received per item:

1) School (11,330 tweets)

2) Chocolate (8,916)

3) Twitter (8,171)

4) Swearing (6,733)

5) Alcohol (5,820)

6) Soda (5,087)

7) Social networking (4,087)

8) Sweets (3,860)

9) Fast food (3,830)

10) Homework (2,687)

I love how homework and school made the list! Those can't be good choices. I often see friends give up chocolate and soda. I can imagine the amount of money you can save by giving up some of these items!


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