Looking for a healthier snack/treat for your kids this Easter? Here's some of the top recipes across the internet to try and sample and enjoy. 

1) Frozen Easter Eggs

Maybe your kids don't eat Easter eggs, and you don't want them to just eat chocolate eggs. Try making these Frozen Easter Eggs, they are super healthy, and super easy to make.

You will need a silicone mini cake pan ( they still have Easter themed ones at both Target and Walmart in my area), a blender, low fat vanilla yogurt, and frozen or fresh fruit of your choice. "

Grab the directions here.


2) Bunny Tail Mix

If your kids love trail mix, they will love this special Easter themed Bunny Tail Mix. It's a combination of sweet and salty, you'll probably end up loving this more than the kids:


- 1 Bag of microwaveable popcorn

- 1 cup of broken pretzels

- 6 oz. Spring M & M's

- 6 oz. Mini Robin Eggs

- 6 oz. Wilton's White Chocolate Melts

- Spring colored sprinkles"

The directions are 6 easy steps to follow here.


3) Healthy Easter Parfait

Who doesn't enjoy a delicious parfait? Also, you can use local yogurt to make this treat:

We used the Chobani blueberry, key lime, and strawberry banana Greek yogurt for this recipe. However the strawberry banana was much whiter in color than I thought it would be so I used a couple drops of red food color to make it more pink."

Find the full list of supplies and directions here.




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