National Center For Missing Children
National Center For Missing Children

April 3rd marks a solemn anniversary in central New York. It's the day Heidi Allen disappeared.

Gary Thibodeau was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for Allen's kidnapping despite his claims of innocence. He died in prison last August from complication related to COPD.

Allen went missing on Easter morning April 3rd, 1994 from her job at D&W Convenience Store. A massive search was conducted but Allen was never found.

Thibodeau and his brother Richard were charged in the kidnapping. Richard was later acquitted while Gary's appeal in 1999  was denied.

A new trial was held in 2015 when new evidence surfaced but the judge ruled against Thibodeau, saying the evidence was inadmissible and unreliable.

Allen's kidnapping case gained national attention when it aired on Dateline in 2017. Despite the exposure Allen remains missing and many believe is dead.

See the timeline for Heidi Allen's kidnapping in Unsolved Mysteries on Reddit.

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