A positive Yelp review is one thing, but when comedic actor T.J. Miller writes one, it's quite another

. He visited the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse before his show at the Funny Bone earlier this month and left probably the best review ever for any restaurant anywhere. He obviously dug the food and service, but also thought the music was off the chain, (which from what we can gather was the 'Way Cool Experience'.)

"Well slap my ankles and call me Papa, dinosaur BBQ is some of the best barbecue in the east... They have live music every single night - I couldn't believe how good the band was the night that I was there, but nothing beats the brisket - the ribs are irrationally good, the steamed greens with turkey bits are the t*ts, the cornbread is confusingly good, the chicken is finger licking and in no way shape or form can anyone prevent themselves from becoming a dinosaur here in Syracuse as they devour some of the best barbecue that a meat eater like a velociraptor or a Taranta Sauris Rex could dream of-- no brontosauruses allowed!  Heck I know I spelled it T Rex wrong, but that's because the pulled pork had me pullin' peoples legs all night long! The staff was so friendly I became best friends with two of the people the date that I arrive to perform at the Syracuse Funny Bone. If you go to Syracuse, go to Dinosour BBQ."

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