Summer is almost officially here in Central New York and that means more hot, humid days are coming. If you have pets keep these tips in mind to help them beat the heat.

Several local veterinarians have shared this information online and it could mean all the difference in the world to your pets.

Tips for Dogs

Don't shave long haired dogs - this can cause sunburn

Walk dogs early - before 8 a.m. or later in the evening - after 6 p.m.

Walk in shade, near water or both

Take bottled water with you when walking and offer it to your dog often

Don't make your dog run in hot weather(even if you want to)

Tips for Cats

Wet your cat's ears and run damp hands over their body

Wet the tips of your cat's paws with water

Trim or clip long-haired cats

Signs of Heat Stroke in Animals

Listless or apathetic

Shortness of breath

Rapid panting and whining

Cats move slowly and drink more than usual

Strange movements/walking

First-Aid for Heat Stroke in Animals

Get your pet to a cool place like in front of a fan, the basement, the tub or a tile floor

Immerse pet in COOL not cold water

Wrap in cool water-soaked towels or sheets

Get to an emergency Vet clinic

Remember - you should always have clean, cool drinking water available for your pets, and you should never lock your pets in hot cars or inside warm stuffy rooms.




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