This is something all parents with kids that have Tik Tok need to know, immediately.

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As a parent, it's hard to keep up with the trends kids are on. Sometimes they are harmless, like Tamagotchis back in the 90s. Sometimes they are very dangerous like Robo Tripping. Remember that dangerous thing some kids did? Awful.

Parenting Kids with Social Media

Today's parents have to consider so many things all while trying to manage their own busy lives. Kids don't just get together and hang out anymore. The conversation never ends because of social media. That's not always bad of course. Sometimes it helps them connect with people when they need it most, including you. It's also handy to text them that dinner is ready vs. yelling up the stairs LOL.

Most kids are good kids. They try their best and while they make mistakes it's all part of the learning process. The internet and social media are a place full of temptation and potentially devastating choices though for young people who don't have the experience of the world yet. If they are left unchecked, even good kids can make dangerous decisions there.

TikTok is Number 1 with Kids

Tik Tok, in particular, has become massively popular with kids. It's also popular with adults. Who doesn't love scrolling through video after video? From comedy to life hacks, to trends: you can learn a lot on Tik Tok. For a lot of younger people, Tik Tok is the number 1 social media platform now and parents have to pay attention to yet another app their kids are talking and sharing things on.

That's why when I was scrolling through Tik Tok myself and came upon this I was very disturbed. As a parent, I felt the instant need to share this with you because knowing this could be happening is so important.

A Dangerous TikTok Trend for Kids

Now, the video below may be a little hard to follow along because it's a little techy, but the bottom line is some very young kids are sharing sexual content and they are hiding it in a VERY sneaky way. Here's how it works:

This contains some sexual language so be aware...

So, to be clear, not only are some kids sharing inappropriate pictures, they have an entire system for how to hide all of this from you, the parent.

Something to Consider

Always check your kid's phones, iPads, tablets, and social media accounts. Remember, they are smart. They can find the sneakiest ways of hiding things.

Back in the day before the entire world was in our pockets, we were sneaky too. The difference today, of course, is it's just so much easier to not only hide things and do bad things but also do very dangerous things.

Anyway, thought you should know that this is happening.

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