UPDATE: See below. This story has been updated to include reports that someone was also entering vehicles in New York Mills.

After more than a dozen larcenies from unlocked vehicles were reported in Yorkville earlier this week, there were several vehicle intrusions reported in New Hartford last night.

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Police in New Hartford received at least a half-dozen reports from residents who awoke Thursday morning to go to work only to find they had items stolen from their vehicles, or the vehicles were at least rummaged through, according to NHPD Lieutenant Ronald Fontaine. And as was the case earlier this week in Yorkville, it doesn't appear the crooks actually 'broke-in', simply moving on to next driveway when they encountered a locked car in search of motorists who left their doors unlocked.

In the report we filed this week in Yorkville, police said the larceny reports were spread throughout the village. In this case, Lt. Fontaine said the reports he is aware of focused on one particular are of New Hartford - Washington Drive and Fairway Drive. That's the area off of Burrstone Road, tucked in between the village of New York Mills and Mohawk Valley Health System's St. Luke's Hospital.

UPDATE: Friday, June 11, 2021 (11:20AM) Meanwhile, in New York Mills, Police Chief Brad Frankland says his department received two calls from residents who had their vehicles rummaged through sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The Chief also indicated there were several more complaints from residents who posted on a village Facebook, saying someone had at least gone through their vehicles. He says many, though, did not come forward to file official complaints with the police department.

In covering these larceny stories over the last few months, there is one common denominator that is refenced above. If you leave your doors unlocked, you're setting yourself up to be an easy target. If you lock your vehicles, unless you have a laptop or other valuables laying out in clear site on your seats, the crooks tend to move on and focus on easy targets.

As always, police say if you or a victim have doorbell or security camera footage of someone nosing around the property and looking in vehicles, they'd like to see it.

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