It's almost here!  No, not Thanksgiving.  Black Friday shopping.  Its the day people fight traffic and wait in line for hours for the best deals of the holiday season.  Although those shiny new gadgets may seem like a good price, there are some things you shouldn't buy on Black Friday.

Oh, you'll see plenty of toys on sale Black Friday, but if you can wait, you'll get bigger toy deals about two weeks before Christmas.

Game consoles without a bundled item
Game consoles are always a hot commodity for the holidays. You'll get more bang for your buck if you get one that comes with a few extras.  The bundles sometimes include extra controls and/or games.

Brand Name HDTVs
Sure you'll see Black Friday deals on TV's that are expected to hit lowest price. But don't expect the deals on name brands. Those don't come until January and February when retailers are looking to make room for the new Spring models.

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images
Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

The latest digital cameras
As with the brand name TV's, camera deals will be everywhere on Black Friday, but the new models will be out a few months after Christmas.  So you get better deals on the 'older models' or get the latest technology.

Jewelry and watches
The Christmas discounts on jewelry are no better than those around Valentine's Day. Instead of buying jewelry and watches wait until spring and summer.

Apple iPad mini
The iPad mini will cost you at least $329, and it probably won't go on sale for several months. The iPad 2 is old news now that the mini has been released.  You may be able to pick that one up for $299 on Black Friday.

For the complete list of 10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday, visit MSNBC.

Source: MSNBC


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