Unless you live in Thendara or Old Forge, you might not be aware there is a special kind of commotion going on this week. Netflix film crews have set up shop at the Adirondack Scenic Railroad train station and Van Aukens Inne to shoot some scenes for an original movie they're working on.

"We're very excited, you know. This train depot was the missing component in our location scouting, and it's a huge part of our story. So the fact that we found it in New York State was very exciting to us," said executive producer Erica Matlin.

The title of the movie is 'The Half of It,' about a woman who feels lonely living in a remote location. Guess if you're looking for a remote feel, the Adirondacks is the place to be!

Now, you've got another reason to sign up for Netflix. Let's hope the typical CNY weather holds out for the film crews.

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