Do you need some delicious food while you're stuck at home? Welcome to Central New York a new restaurant in Rome called The Whole Shabang.

The Whole Shabang is now located at 433 West Thomas Street in Rome. Due to the Corona Virus, for their launch, they are only accepting take out and delivery orders.

Please make sure to have your mask on before you enter the establishment, we want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy!"

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So, how did the name come to be for the business? Lauren Langston tells us it deals with the variety of items available on their menu:

Growing up in a small town such as Rome, they’re aren’t many places to get good food, besides your regular pizza and wings. You find yourself eating the same thing over and over again because there isn’t much of a selection. We chose the name “The Whole Shabang” because were going serve food that the Romans aren’t used to getting, while pizza and wings will be on the menu they’re will be other things served as well such as fried chicken dinners, chucks famous chicken sandwich, curry chicken and rice and a bunch more"

So if you're looking for more than the normal choices, take a trip to The Whole Shabang and support this new local restaurant during such a difficult time.

Here are some photos of their menu items, along with a menu:

Introducing The Whole Shabang of Rome


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