Have you seen something and thought I want to do that. The van Lieshout family in Durhamville sent us a video of their backyard Redneck water skiing, and after watching, I wanted to take a spin. Lory was kind enough to invite my daughter and I out for a spin and it was WAY faster and harder than it looked. Forget trying to stand up and water ski. The focus was just holding on.

Want to build your own backyard Redneck water skiing? All you need are boards to cover the track of the lawn mower. Carpet is then nailed to the boards, centered around a pole about 4 feet in the ground. Spread out reinforced plastic and weigh it down with 5 pound bags. Cover the plastic with bubbles and spray with water. Attached two ropes to the pole and mower and another rope off the front with a handle for riders. Then try to hold on tight.

Who comes up with an idea like this? Dad, Pat van Lieshout is the mastermind behind the brilliant invention that was the most fun I've had in years.

Thank you to the van Lieshout family for letting my daughter and I take a few rides. We got much wetter than anticipated but enjoyed every minute of it. And apologies to everyone I took out on the sidelines with a major wipeout.

Lory van Lieshout
Lory van Lieshout

The original Redneck water skiing video has gone viral, with over 4.7 million views.

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