While everyone is making fun of the Tide Pod Challenge going viral on the internet, those born in the 80's and 90's aren't innocent when it comes to ridiculous challenges. 

Growing up in Westmoreland, when I was in Middle School, there was a pen challenge. How did this work for those that don't remember? You take a pen, and scribble as fast as you can on paper for a minute or so, then touch someone with it.


The pen becomes super hot, and will leave a burn. The point was to not make a noise or sound about the burn. If you did make a sound, clearly you were human....I mean a baby.

This happened in Westmoreland for a solid few weeks before teachers had to have serious conversations with students about burning students with pens. To the point where they dished out lunch detentions if they caught students doing it.

So for everyone making fun of how stupid the Tide challenge is, every generation does something so ridiculous and dumb.


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