Out of all the Disney movies that exist throughout time, how is this one the number one in New York? HOW?

2021 was the year that Walt Disney World turned 50 years old. If you were lucky enough to be able to travel down to Florida during that time, you know that the most "magical place on earth" had celebrations out the wazoo to celebrate such a big milestone. It was also the year that some pretty amazing Disney movies were released, like Encanto, Cruella, Raya The Last Dragon upon others.

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Because of this, the folks over at Finance Buzz were truly curious. Out of the over 200+ Disney movies that exist for people to watch, which were most popular state by state?

Our team used Google Trends data to explore some fun and lighthearted topics relating to beloved Disney movies as well as Disney World rides. After collecting search volume information on over 200 movies and every ride and attraction at the four Walt Disney World theme parks, we determined which Disney films are most popular in every state, which Disney World attractions are the most beloved across the country, and more.

Let's get into it, shall we?

What's The Most Popular Disney Movie in New York?

According to the Google Trends, the most popular Disney movie in the state of New York is The Wild.

Finance Buzz
Finance Buzz

I mean, sure, I guess it's a good movie. But being the most popular in New York? I call shenanigans. Especially since it has a 5.2 out of 10 on IMDB. But hey, Google Trends are Google Trends.

What's The Most Popular Disney Vault Movie in New York?

Ahhh yes. This is more of the information that I'm looking for. The most classic Disney movies are the best. Personally, my favorite is "Aladdin," but what is it based on Google Trends in New York?

I'm definitely not surprised, the most popular Disney Vault Movie in New York AND across the board is...

attachment-Disney Movie 2

Yes, The Lion King.

One movie soared and roared above all others in this regard —the 1994 version of The Lion King was the most popular vault film in over half the country, 29 states in total. Only one other film, Bambi, was most popular in at least five states. Notably, only one Disney vault classic, Lady and the Tramp, failed to be most popular in at least one state.

See, this makes way more sense to me than "The Wild" being named the most popular movie. I can honestly say that I never have seen that movie. Doesn't mean other people haven't, but how is it the most popular? It just doesn't make sense when there's so many other movies in comparison.

Finally, maybe you're curious. What's the most popular Pixar movie in New York? We've got that information too.

attachment-Pixar Movie 1

Very very interesting.

What are your thoughts on these movies being the top represented for New York? Let us know inside our station app.

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