Did you know that there could be over 20,000 bugs living inside the beautiful Christmas tree you just brought home from the woods?

A report from ABC7NY.com says experts estimate that thousands of mites, ticks and spiders could still be clinging to life inside your tree like Chip and Dale inside Goofy's Christmas tree.

The report says most of the insects are harmless and will die off once inside your home, but there are a few things you can do to avoid your arachnophobia kicking in.

  • Ask the tree farm you get your tree from if they have/use a mechanical shaker to shake out the trees
  • If they don't, give it a good shake before you strap it to your vehicle and do it again before bringing it inside your house
  • Check for bird/squirrel nests and make sure they are removed before taking the tree home
  • Don't use aerosol bug sprays because they are flammable and can lead to fire very easily

If you love real trees and that's your only option, be sure to ask your tree farm what they do to remove bugs from their trees.

Some suppliers have procedures in place to keep your trees bug free, like storing them in the cold, and washing them out after cutting them down.

Keep your family and pets safe from unwanted bugs this Holiday.



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