With the warmest March on record to kick off spring, have you noticed how green (and how long) the grass is in your backyard in April? I mowed my lawn last week for the first time of the season, and I would have to say that's the earliest I've ever mowed it. Usually, I don't mow the lawn until the first of May, but not this year.


Even though we've had some cold, wet weather these past few days, the lawns are growing and the games have begun. And what was once a quite neighborhood for several months, with the absence of snow blowers running during our mild winter, is now revving up hourly.

I call it it the Mowing Olympics. Once we start mowing our lawn, we don't stop until November. And for the next six months, there won't be a minute when we won't hear a buzzing lawn mower off in the distance. Of course my lawn mower isn't as noisy as those other guys (that's what they all say).