The Harlem Globetrotter's are back in town and this year's there doing something new by letting you call the shots with 'You Write the Rules.'

Firefly says fans can 'decide how the game is played by choosing from a 4 point shot, a penalty box, six on five or having two basketballs in play.'  After 87 years of touring the world 'we had to come up with something new this year.'  The audience also gets to 'write the rules' during the fourth quarter, live at the Utica Aud, February 6th, when the Globetrotters take to the court at 7pm.

Also new this year, the Globetrotters are promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.  Firefly says 'we'll be playing with pink balls, wearing pink uniforms and selling pink wristbands all year long rather than just promoting during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.'

Thanks to Firefly for coming in again this year to talk with us and for letting Matt & I hold his balls :)

Vote for which rule you'd like to see February 6th at the Utica Aud at 'You Write the Rules.'

Get your tickets to the show at Ticketmaster, the Utica Aud box office or by calling 1-800-745-3000.  Or win them with '4 Kids Only' every morning at 7:10.

Ticket Prices:
Floor Front Row $79.00
Floor rows 2-4 sidecourt OR 2-3 end court $47.00
Arena sections 103-105 & 113-115 $41.00
Arena sections 102, 106, 112, 116 & 203-205 & 215-217 $31.00
Arena sections 101, 107-111, 117 & 202, 206-208, 212-214 & 218 $24.00
Arena sections 201, 209-211, 219 & small parts of 101 & 117 $19.00

Add a Magic Pass: 30-minute interactive event from 5:30PM-6:00PM. Experience special tricks and magical fun first hand. And, to top it all off, you have exclusive access to get a free autograph when you meet Harlem Globetrotter players. $20.00


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