Have you ever wished there was a bounce house for adults? There is and it's coming to New York this Summer.

The Big Bounce America, the world’s biggest bounce house is making it's ways across the country, hitting 29 states including New York. The 10,000 square feet of inflatable fun stops at the Outer Harbour in Buffalo August 10-12.  It was so popular, it sold out in all 15 states last year. That's why it's expanding.


Grahame Ferguson, The Big Bounce America co-founder says he got the idea after a day of horsing around. “We were producing an event as part of a music festival and the organizers had a small family section that included a basic bounce house. When the kids weren't using it and nobody was looking, we snuck on and bounced around like we were kids again. Then it dawned on us...what if we made a much bigger bounce house for kids and adults."

The Big Bounce America is about more than just a bounce house. It features an inflatable obstacle run, monster ball pit, basketball hoops, giant slides, confetti blasts, and a DJ spinning tunes right in the middle.


There's fun for all ages, including toddlers 3 and under, juniors 7 and under, bigger kids aged 15 and under and the adult night sessions for anyone over 16.

Toddler Sessions: Kids 3 and under accompanied by parents/carers - $10
Junior Sessions: Aimed mainly at kids aged 7 and under - $17
Bigger Kids Sessions: Bit more boisterous for kids 15 & under - $17
Adult Sessions: Anyone 16+ - $25

Learn more and get your tickets at The Big Bounce America.

The Big Bounce