2020 has been an unprecedented year with surprises around every corner, so why not celebrate Thanksgiving in the true 2020 way, with none other than a Thanksgiving pizza.

Yes, this delectable dish is a real thing... and it's made right here in Central New York.

Peppino's Pizzeria in Syracuse is offering its Pilgrim Pie through the end of November and up until noon on Thanksgiving day for those that can't decide between a traditional turkey dinner and pizza this Thanksgiving.

CNYCentral's Brandon Roth stopped by Peppino's this week to see just how the pizza is made, and the pizzeria certainly doesn't miss out on any of the fixin's. They start with a gravy base, adding homemade stuffing, oven-roasted turkey, another layer of gravy and mashed potatoes before throwing the pie in the oven. Once it comes out, they top the Pilgrim Pie with Craisins for a sweet, tangy finish.

John Vigliotti owns Peppino's Pizzeria and told CNYCentral that every year, he has customers calling as early as October to see if they'll be selling the Pilgrim Pies again. Over the years, Thanksgiving pizza has truly become an annual tradition for Peppino's and its customers.

If you're just not in the mood to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year, Peppino's will also cook your entire meal, from turkey to the fixin's, They offer meal options for up to 10 people, and you can find more information from Peppino's by calling their catering line at 315-299-3357.

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