Have you ever heard of the Textalyzer here in New York? It's the Breathalyzer for your cell phone here in New York.

The Textalyzer is the new cell phone equivalent of a breathalyzer. It's designed to determine activity on a driver’s phone at the scene of a traffic stop or crash. Currently it's not being used here in the states, but we could see it coming to New York with the Senate Bill S2306A. If this legislation passes, New York will be the first state to use the technology.


How does it work? 1800Law1010 reports that when an officer arrives at the scene of a crash, they will be able to request the drivers phone:

In New York State, the proposed bill requires drivers to turn over their devices or face penalties or possible suspension of their license if they refuse. The officer would then run a field test on the device that would create a time/date stamped report showing which applications were running and whether the device was being used “hands-free.” "

Remember, you can avoid accidents and being pulled over if you stay off of your phone.


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