It seems like every month there is a new scam targeting people over the phone. This latest scam involves criminals using the false identity of an IRS agent or tax collector to scare people into paying a nonexistent tax debt. According to CNY Central,

The Tax Department says they will never use scare tactics, and if there is a tax debt they will notify you in writing first. They also would never demand payment without giving you a chance to review and question the amount owed.

Another red flag is the scammer demanding you pay the debt in one specific way. With the IRS, they will always offer you multiple methods of payment. The scammer may also provide YOU with the last four digits of YOUR social security number to try and prove they are who they claim to be. The Tax Department will never give out social security numbers. If you believe that you are the victim of this or any scam, save your phone message and contact the Tax Department at 518-451-1566, or email

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