Tate Stevens, 'X Factor' winner and vocalist extraordinaire, has just made an exciting announcement. His self-titled debut album now has a release date, causing all of his fans to holler along with the 'Holler if You're With Me' singer.

RCA Nashville announced that Stevens' album is set for release on April 23, and the talented musician couldn't be more pumped for this celebratory news. "Can't tell ya how excited I am for you to hear it!!!!" he said on Twitter.

Tate also elaborated on the debut album details in the RCA press release, saying, “For someone that has dreamt of recording and releasing music for over a decade, to say I’m excited is an understatement. I feel like the songs we selected for the album are a real reflection of my personality -- they range from fun-loving to serious and everything in between. I’m so proud of this album and can’t wait for the fans to hear it!”

Stevens, who released the album's lead single 'Power of a Love Song' earlier this month, co-wrote three songs on the new record, produced by Blake Chancey. The baritone singer has seen a lot of good fortune in the past few months, as he has a new video, debuted a new song during the Grammys, and co-wrote with John Rich. Hopefully, as his album release date approaches, the good news will continue!

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