Target is closing 13 of their stores. Will it affect any locally?

Luckily no Target stores in New York will be affected by the latest round of closings. A Target spokesman says the decision is based on each store "not about the broader company in any way."

Target Stores Closing

Anderson, Indiana
Austin, Texas
Casa Grande, Arizona
Columbus, Ohio
Flint, Michigan
Louisville, Kentucky
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
New Ulm, Minnesota
Odessa, Florida
Ottumwa, Iowa
Victorville, California
Superior, Wisconsin
Springfield, Ohio

In January, Target officials announced they were closing all their stores in Canada. CEO Brian Cornell said the company was losing billions and is "unable to see a realistic scenario that would have gotten Target Canada to profitability until ‘at least 2021.’

In March, Target decided to eliminate over 1,000 jobs to cut costs by about $2 billion. Most came from the corporate office in Minneapolis.

Employees from the latest round of store closures will be offered jobs at other locations, according to the Huffington Post.

The stores won't close their doors until after the holiday shopping season. Closures are expected on January 30th, 2016.

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