What a difference a year can make. At this time last year we were spending time with family and friends and living life. Little did anyone know, the world would come to a screeching halt.

One year ago today I was on vacation in North Carolina, getting a facial with the girls. I was enjoying a paint and sip and going out for dinner. If someone had told me the world would stop turning for a year, I'd never have believed it. No one would.

But the world did come to a standstill. Store shelves were empty. There was no toilet paper, wipes, or disinfectant to be found. People were told to quarantine at home for weeks, many stockpiling what groceries they could find.


Gone were the days of going on vacation, gathering with friends, going out for dinner and a movie, watching sporting events or live concerts.

Businesses closed down. Employees were laid off or started working from home. Children were sent home to learn virtually. Families were isolated from each other. The Canadian border was closed to all non-essential travel. The Summer Olympics were even postponed.

And people were dying, at alarming rates.

Doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to try and save lives without much success.

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Masks wearing became common, along with outrage when someone was seen without one.

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But the world adapted, finding new ways to come together safely - from drive by birthdays to drive in concerts. Restaurants changed from indoor dining to take-out. Businesses offered curb side pick up, just to keep their doors open while others held zoom call meetings.

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One year later the world is slowly getting back to normal. Vaccines have been created. Businesses are slowly reopening. Nursing homes are starting to allow visitors.

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Things are finally starting to turn around. Before we know it, we'll all be able to take a much needed, long overdue vacation again.

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