Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! That’s just a few of the exotic animals inside The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. If you've never been, you may want to plan a trip in October when you can see the animals at night.

Flashlight Safaris are back at the park every Friday and Saturday in October from 6PM to 10PM. You can see lions, wolves, tigers and all the animals when they are most active. Kids can dress up, get a bag of candy, enjoy bounce houses under the lights and get warm by the fire.

Day time trick or treat will be held on Halloween, October 31st from 9:30am-5pm.

The Wild Animal Park started 9 years ago when owner Jeff Taylor bought his kids a few goats for their birthday. The next year, they got a camel. Now we can all enjoy the wide range of domestic and exotic animals from all over the world.

Taylor has acquired most of the animals during their infancy from other zoos. That meant bottle feeding a pair of North American black bears – Boo Boo and Koda – and Kiara a young tiger cub, Kovu, Zuri and Zayda when they were lion cubs.

Get more information on The Wild Animal Experience's Facebook page or at

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