Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Video [WATCH]
Jessica Simpson and her long time honey Eric Johnson finally tied the knot on the day after Independence Day. The wedding took place in Montecito, California and there is no doubt about it, a lot of money was spent on this wedding!
Syacuse Wedding Contest Couple Gets Big Day After All
Paul Stasko and Brittany Buck of Syracuse, may not have won their dream Valentine's Day wedding when they competed on Good Morning America, but they'll still have their big day. The two will get married at NBT Bank Stadium this summer before the Syracuse Chiefs the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, …
Syracuse Pair Vie For Wedding
Paul Stasko and Brittany Buck of Syracuse are now one of three couples competing for their dream Valentine's Day wedding and you can help them win.
Siren Sounds During “Speak Now” Part of a Wedding [VIDEO]
So, if you have been to a wedding lately, or just seen one on TV or in the movies, at some ceremonies, the person who is marrying the couple will say, "Speak now, or forever hold you peace," in regards to if someone does not agree with the couple getting married. Now, usually, nobody at a …
Forgetting It’s Your Anniversary
Guys, what would happen if you forgot about your partner's birthday? How about your wedding anniversary? Well, it's not such an uncommon occurrence, according to insurance company Sheilas' Wheels.
The Best Marriage Proposal Of All Time? [VIDEO]
A video camera and access to a movie theatre--it's the perfect recipe for an amazing marraige proposal. I won't spoil it by telling you what happens, so enjoy. Yes, the clip is about seven minutes, but, like good movie trailers do, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Would You Like To Redo How Your Husband Proposed?
Well, 25 percent of women hated the way their husband popped the question, that, according to Men's Health magazine. What's more is that 26 percent of the women polled said their husband's proposal could have been more romantic, original or personal.

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