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Father and Step-Dad Both Walk Daughter Down The Aisle
Usually the relationship between a child's father and step-father is one filled with animosity and head-butting. In the case of Brittany Bachman, her dad and step-dad get along fine. Their ability to get along with one another was demonstrated beautifully on her wedding day when Todd grabbed his ex-…
This Video Proves Why Nurses Are The Best People Ever
W.C. Fields once said "After two days in the hospital, I took a turn for the nurse." The role of a nurse is exactly that, the person that every single sick or injured person looks to when they are in need. This video proves that nurses have one of the most rewarding jobs of all.
Soldier Surprises Parents Before NHL Game
There is nothing more incredible than the moment a soldier returns home from battle to surprise their family. Sgt. Dan Urman gave his parents the shock of their lives before the Arizona Coyotes vs. Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey game.
Mom Is Totally Stunned By Return Home Of Son
The relationship between mother and son is unlike anything else, and for this mom seeing her son return home from overseas after many years away is a huge surprise! Her reaction is priceless and it's pretty obvious this mama missed her boy a whole lot!
Soldier Surprises Daughter at Homecoming Game
For Waterville cheerleader Ryanne Solinsky, this past weekend's homecoming game had more than one meaning. She had just finished her routine when someone she hadn't seen in a long time emerged from the crowd to surprise her. It was her father, Major Christian Solinsky, who had just returne…

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