Meet a Sloth
If you've ever wanted to see a sloth up close, one is coming to New York.
Kristen Bell Really, Really Likes Sloths [VIDEO]
Actress Kristen Bell, famous for her role as Sarah Marshall in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," really, really likes sloths. Well, actually, "really, really" is an understatement. Her boyfriend surprised her with a visit from a sloth, and, well, I'll let you watc…
Cute Baby Sloths! [VIDEO]
From kittens to cats, from puppies to dogs, from birds to penguins, I bring you many charming animal videos in my blogs, but I have never brought you this very, very cute animal--a sloth. Now, you may say, "Sloths are not cute." Well, I say to that, "Baby sloths are really cute!"…