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Today Marks 23 Years Since CNY Experienced Its Worst Tragedy
Today marks the 23rd anniversary of one of Central New York's most devastating days. 12-year-old Sara Ann Wood was riding her bike in a normally safe neighborhood on her way home from summer bible school. This innocent, young girl was abducted and murdered by serial killer Lewis Lent. Her story made…
28-Year-Old Hubbardsville Native Killed By Drunk Driver
28-year-old Kelli Putnam is a native of Hubbardsville, NY. She was living in Charlotte, NC and her and her boyfriend had just attended the Carolina Panthers playoff game on Sunday, when tragedy struck. As they were walking down the street, Kelli was hit and killed by a drunk driver.
Video Produced by WDBJ Shows Who Alison Parker Was
Alison Parker is the young reporter from WDBJ 7 in Virginia who was tragically shot and killed on live television Wednesday morning, as well as her colleague, Adam Ward. Back in July, the station published on their YouTube channel a series of videos giving "fun facts" about their TV person…