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Royal Baby Watch Live
The royal baby is here. Kate Middleton went into labor around 6am London time and delivered a baby boy at 4:24pm. Watch live video.
Prince William Shot Down By Four Year Old Girl [VIDEO]
While visiting Scotland PRINCE WILLIAM was dissed, by a four year old little girl. He and Kate Middleton were shaking hands with locals when William got shot down by a four-year-old girl he THOUGHT wanted a kiss from him. He asked if she wanted a kiss, but she yanked her head away right when he lean…
Royal Family Expecting
The Royal family is about to get a little bigger.  Buckingham Palace officials announced Prince William and Kate are expecting a baby.
11 Ways to Watch the Royal Wedding
As you might have heard by now, there's a big giant wedding taking place on Friday and it'll be broadcasted for the entire world to watch.
We're talking, of course, about the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton - an affair so big, you can bet your royal chariot that every major news or…
The Royal Wedding Spoof
The Royal wedding with Prince William and Kate Middleton will be broadcast around the world April 29th.  But how many will watch the sure to be long and traditional(stuffy) ceremony?  Now if it was more like the T-Mobile Royal Wedding spoof they created to celebrate the upcoming ceremony, …
The Royal Date Has Been Set
Prince William and Kate middleton will get married April 29th next year, which is a Friday.  The Royal Family chose Friday instead of Saturday in case others were planning to get married that weekend.  Who'd want to tie the knot in London the same day as Prince William.