Dog Plays the Piano and Sings a Song [VIDEO]
A few months ago, I showed you a video on my dog Mia singing to Miranda Lambert. Well, I thought that was pretty impressive, until I saw this dog. Not only can this dog sing, it can also play the piano at the same time! Check out the video.
Here’s Another Master Multitasker [VIDEO]
A few days ago, I brought you this master multitasker. (Click the link to watch the video) He could juggle two Rubik's Cubes while solving a third with his other hand. I thought that was a master multitasker. Well, I hate to admit it, but I could have been a bit premature in that judgement. Now, don…
Piano Fail
If you have to move something big and expensive maybe you should leave it to the professionals.  It would cost you a lot less to pay them to move it then have to replace it.  Just ask this guy...