military reunions

North Carolina Army Dad Surprises Son at School Picture Day
Do you remember what school picture day was like? There were many hours spent making the right wardrobe decision and even more time was spent practicing your smile in the mirror. No matter how well you think you posed for the photo, it usually ended up pretty bad. For one third grader in North Carol…
Soldier Surprises Daughter at Homecoming Game
For Waterville cheerleader Ryanne Solinsky, this past weekend's homecoming game had more than one meaning. She had just finished her routine when someone she hadn't seen in a long time emerged from the crowd to surprise her. It was her father, Major Christian Solinsky, who had just returne…
A Soldier's Reunion With His Toddler Son
One of my buddies was in the Nashville Airport recently and he caught on camera one of the most adorable and touching military reunions I have ever seen. A soldier returning home was met by his young son, whose reaction was absolutely priceless!