Froever Stamp Price Hike
You'd better stock up on those forever stamps. The new year is bringing new prices at the U.S. Post Office and it's the biggest stamp increase yet.
How Do You Mail in Canada
It may seem like common sense to most, but some people (Andy) don't know how to send mail to another country, even if it is to our neighbors in the North. Thank goodness for our resident Canadian Polly.
Mail Trucks No More
The classic boxy mail truck you are used to may be on it's way to extinction. The United States Postal Service is working to get rid of the whole fleet of trucks that have been in service for the past 27 years.
Holiday Mailing Deadlines
The U.S. Postal Service is expecting to handle a record number of packages this holiday season. One of the major reasons is the increase in online shopping which, when combined with the usual sending of cards and letters is expected to result in an increase of some 20% over last seasons mailings. Ge…