Cat Coalition Looking for Fosterers
There are kittens galore across central New York right now, and one local group has advice for shelters, volunteers and fostering families to manage this growing population of felines.
Cute Kitten ‘Attacks’ Camera [VIDEO]
The old saying goes, "You don't know unless you try." And, this kitten did just that. This video has been making its rounds on the Internet. It is a video of a kitten that thought it could "attack" the camera, but it didn't quite go as planned...
Slow Motion Kitten [VIDEO]
Here's a video of a kitten just hanging out, doing kitten things. But, here's the catch--it's all in slow motion. It's pretty cool and cute, of course. I mean, it's a kitten, what's not cute about that?
Kitten Scared of Tennis Ball [VIDEO]
What makes this video great is the musical composition. Here's a kitten seemingly totally afraid of a tennis ball. Now, watching the video with no music might be funny, but, with music added, it's hilarious. Is your cat or kitten scared of things?
Kitten Enjoying The iPad [VIDEO]
Adults and kids have given some positive feedback on the iPad. A lot of people I know really like to use them. But, do you think animals can get the same experience from an iPad that humans do? Check out this video. A kitten seems to be having some fun. The little guy is splashing in a virtual pond.…