Who's the Hero
***Update*** Abby Derminio tells us the accident happened last Friday (5/6) at around 12:45 p.m.
Abby Derminio was driving up Tibbitts Road in New Hartford when she lost control of her vehicle and ended up in a ditch. After the accident she was trapped because her door was jammed. What happened next …
Two Rome YMCA Life Guards Come to a Young Man’s Rescue
When Steve Townsend let people know in the Facebook Group "People and Place of Rome" that two lifeguards from the YMCA in Rome had come to the rescue of a young boy who had been injured nobody really seemed surprised. Comments flooded in below the post with nothing but positive words about…
Hero Truck Driver Saves Family From Fiery Crash [VIDEO]
A truck driver in Mississippi was driving down I-10 when all of a sudden in front of him he saw a burst of flames. He then rushed out of his truck cab with a fire extinguisher and ran over to a burning car. He discovered the two people inside were still alive and he rescued them.