A study be the school's paper 'The Daily Orange shows that Syracuse could join the Ivy Leagues when it comes to tuition expenses.

With the latest tuition hike, Syracuse is now set to become one of the most expensive schools in the US, joining Ivy League schools like Brown and Yale Universities.

The Daily Orange found that the price increase is due partly to a $3,300 premium that will be added as part of a $100 million fundraising plan called Invest Syracuse.

The numbers can be misleading in some cases, because a lot of 'Cuse students don't pay the full amount after scholarships, grants and other financial aid. Most students pay the 'net' price which is closer to $28,000 per year.

Syracuse has planned to commit to raising $40 million to help support financial aid and scholarships as part of the Invest Syracuse 5-year plan.

Still, some experts say despite that plan, the $3,300 premium increase paired with the 3.9% base tuition increase could start driving families away sooner than later.

Those families could make the decision to attend other schools like Binghamton University, whose tuition is about $27,000 for in-state residents.

You can read more about the increasing costs of attending Syracuse University at DailyOrange.com.



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