Hardly anything beats the beauty of a puppy. Scammers are using that cuteness and the CNY SPCA in Syracuse to perpetuate their newest scam on Facebook.

The SPCA learned of the scam when a family from Massachusetts showed up at their doors to pick up their puppy. The ruse uses Facebook to advertise the dogs for sale, asks for payment up front, and then sends the people to the offices in Syracuse to pickup their new family member. Obviously there isn't a do waiting to be rescued.

Complicating the matter is the reduced hours at the SPCA offices because of the coronavirus. They're only open on Mondays, making it difficult for people to verify the veracity of the Facebook ads.

Dee Schaefer with the CNY SPCA office says they never take money in advance and never agree to an adoption without meeting the family face to face. And the only animals they have for adoption are the ones listed on their website, they don't take orders.

As always, it's never wise to send money to a link on Facebook. If you come across any similar postings on Facebook, contact the CNY SPCA at 315-454-3469 to report it.

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