A Syracuse mother is searching for her son, born 3 months before a crash 44 years ago that changed her life forever.

Jean Leonard gave birth to Carl Michael Leonard March 11, 1974 at St Joe's hospital in Syracuse when she was 17, living in foster care. A little over 3 months later, a crash left her paralyzed with a  broken neck. "The driver was fleeing from police in a high speed chase because he was drunk and ran a stop sign," says Leonard. "Being told you will never walk again changed my life. I felt it was my only choice but to give up my baby. He deserved more than I felt I could give him from a chair. And since I was in foster care, child services probably took care of it."

Photo Credit: Jean Leonard

6 weeks in traction and months of rehab gave Leonard the ability to walk again. "I've always had a disability and now walk with a walker." She went on to marry and have 2 daughters but Leonard says she never forgot her baby boy. "My second husband had the same birthday as Michael, March 11."

Deteriorating health has left Leonard hoping to find her long lost son before its too late. "My life has been challenging at times and my poor health sparked this search. I have numerous medical issues and go in for a pacemaker/defibrillator on October 15th."

The search has included a DNA test, social media and even seeing a psychic, that Leonard says did not end well. "She said she saw him in military dress and felt he was no longer here."

Leonard feels differently and continues to search for her son, hoping to be reunited after 44 years. If you can help, reach out to Leonard on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Jean Leonard