In a world full of frat bros, keg stands and "no laws when there's white claws," there can only be one winner when it comes to the university that parties the hardest. After sitting at No. 4 the past two years, Syracuse University has come out on top for The Princeton Review's 2019 list of party schools in America.

Not only did they rank as the No. 1 party school, but Syracuse also landed at No. 2 for "lots of hard liquor" and No. 8 for "lots of beer."

While the school hasn't put out an official statement about the rankings, a Barstool Cuse Twitter account put out a joking press release that credited the social climate and athletics for the school's party atmosphere.

I believe that football being back for the first time since, like, 1847 played a big role in the year-long booze fest [Syracuse University wasn't even founded until 1870.]"

So I think it's fair to say that the Orange know how to have fun. But let's give them credit; they're ranked high for knowing how to do more than throw back a cold one! They were also ranked notably at No. 1 for "best college newspaper," No. 3 for "students pack the stadiums," and No. 6 for "best college radio station."

Syracuse was also not the only Central New York school to top The Princeton Review's party school list. Colgate University in Hamilton also earned a spot at No. 7.

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